Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Black Stork

The black stork is a real treat for the birdwatching lovers. Why? This bird is one of the rarest representatives of the quite popular in Europe stork family. Unlike his brother – the white stork, it keeps off human settlements.

The black stork
Its name comes from the colour of plumage which is mainly black with a green and violet sheen, except for the white 'bottom'. Legs and bill has strong red colour.  

The stork inhabits wetlands – it builds nests on strong and big trees in the vicinity of lakes and swamps. The nest can weight even 1000 kilograms! 

The picture above was taken in the Podhale region, next to our house;) Around the Tatras, on both the Polish and Slovak side you can watch these beautiful and rare birds. There are some places where you can meet them regulary.

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