Monday, April 28, 2014

Stork - the sign of spring

Early morning (6 AM), the end of April. We were coming from sunrise photography session. Suddenly such a view apperad to us:

A flock of storks.
After a while we saw a pair:

A pair of storks.

Storks are very popular in Poland. They come here after the winter time and leave us in autumn. Sometimes you can observe them walking through fields (like we saw), flying or sitting in the nest. We even have such a belief in Poland that if the first stork you see in the spring time is flying you will be travelling much that year. When you see it in the nest you will rather stay at home. But what if the stork is walking? It foretells lots of hiking or Nordic walking? ;)

In the Tatra Mountains (next to our home) we can also meet a black stork. It is quite rare and not so social, I mean it leves in a distance from the built environment among trees and bushes. I had a great chance to see it  for the first time this year. 

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