Friday, July 4, 2014

The Tatra Mountain Guide

This time I will write something private. Probably I want to boast a bit ;) So... Finally, after an almost 3-year course, I passed exams and became the Tatra mountain guide. I am so happy, because now I can use all the hiking experience and geography knowledge I have, to show others the small part of the world which are the Tatras. 
Who is the Tatra mountain guide? It is a person who loves mountains, has vast experience and knowledge about the region and is entitled to lead private and organised tours. There are several levels of guidance – the first one allowes to lead tours along the marked trails, the others have permission for the climbing routes.

Course. During the course we learned not only the topography of the Tatras, but also about the nature, history and etnography of the region and surrounding area both in Poland and Slovakia. We had lots of lectures, coach trips, hiking tours, climbing and first aid trainings. But it was not enough – the most important thing was our own work.

I am very lucky because my husband is a guide too (the Tatra mountain guide and UIMLA guide) so we could talk about the mountains for hours ;) He also comes from the highlanders family so I had a chance to learn about the local culture and traditions from the inside.

Peolple. During the course I met wonderful people! We all are in different age, come from different parts of Poland, have different jobs and hobbys. But the thing that links us together is the passion for mountains. I am really greateful for the time we spent together.

Future. Maybe we will go for a trip together? ;)


P.S. Don't hesitate to ask any questions about the Tatra Mountains and surrounding area!

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