Monday, September 30, 2013

Ski resorts in Poland

Winter is coming so I decide to make an overview about ski resorts in Poland. I focus on ski areas in southern Poland in the Carpathian region. I will supplement this post systematically adding new descriptions of the ski resorts. If you have any observations on mentioned ski areas feel free to comment.

Location: see map. 
In general: The ski area Białka Tatrzańska is one of the biggest and most advanced in Poland. It  consists of 3 ski resorts – Kotelnica, Kaniówka and Bania. There are together 16 lifts (high speed sixes, quad chairs, triple chairs and surface lifts). Bania is designed for beginners – you will find there several short ski lifts and flat slopes. Kaniówka is good for beginners and intermediate skiers – slopes are easy but the lifts are longer. Kotelnica is suitable for beginners, intermediate and also advanced skiers. There are 8 lifts and 8 ski runs. Lift tickets: One ski pass to use all lifts together with Jurgów-Ski and Czorsztyn-Ski. Food and drink: There are several ski huts on the bottom and on the top of the slopes where you can have lunch or a snack. Ski rentals: Yes. Attractions: Terma BANIA (thermal baths, SPA, aqua park). Ski instructors: ask here.

Opinion: Slopes are well prepared and skiing is a pleasure there. In rush hours there might be queues for some lifts, but still you will find some less crowded. Ski resort is perfect for whole families with children.

Location: see map.
In general: Ski resort Hawrań consists of 7 ski runs: beginner, intermediate, advanced and expert (see map) with the advantage of the last two. Lift tickets: One ski pass to use all lifts together with Kotelnica, Bania, Kaniówka, Czorsztyn-Ski (pricelist). Food and drink: I like food in the restaurant on the bottom of the ski lifts. Ski rentals: Yes. Ski instructors: ask here.

Opinion: Jurgów ski area is one of my favorite. Everyone will find there something for himself. A major advantage of the ski resort is an expert ski run which is nearly 1,000 meters long. Also the view from the ski lift is great!

Location: see map.
In general: Two main ski runs start from the top of Kasprowy Wierch and they are quite long: 1400 m and 2000 m. The difficulty level is high and very high – you will find here advanced and expert runs. You can reach the top by a modern cable car. Than you can use two chairlifts skiing in side valleys. From the bottoms of the chairlifts two easier ski runs lead to the bottom of the mountain (a bus stop). Lift tickets: One ski pass to use all lifts. Food and drink: There is restaurant on the top of the mountain and some bars on its bottom (in Kuźnice). But I highly recommend visiting restaurant Kolibecka on your way back to the hotel – it is located next to roundabout. Ski instructors: ask here.

Opinion: read here. The biggest area of the expert runs in Poland. 

Location: see map. Www: 
In general: Ski slopes are entirely intended for intermediate skiers. There are 4 ski runs – the longest is 1,300 m long. Lift tickets: One ski pass to use all lifts. Ski rentals: Yes. Ski instructors: ask here.

Opinion: Skiing in Małe Ciche is one of the most interesting options for intermediate skiers – those who are starting an adventure with winter sports will have a great fun on a long ski run!

New Polish ski areas reviews soon!


  1. what prices are the lift tickets, per day? per season? also how are the towns for hanging about getting a good dinner and drink when your done skiing? how much to rent an apartment for the season?

    1. - Cost of the tickets depends on the ski resort. I.e. in Bialka Tatrzańska it is 95 PLN/day, 445 PLN/7days for adults (, Kasprowy Wierch - 135 PLN/day for adults. In smaller ski resorts it will be cheaper.

      - In more popular ski resorts there is no problem to find a place to have a drink or any other apre-ski. Like everywhere there are better and worse restaurants so you will find good place to eat for sure. Good idea is to ask locals (the accomodation owners) about the best places.

      - Prices of the apartments may vary much depending on a standart and the town you choose. For example in Zakopane the average price is around 350-450 PLN / 4 person / day


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