Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Farm stay in Poland

Villages in Poland are characterized by authenticity - families have lived there for many generations, cultivating role and growing animals, what is rare in many other European countries nowadays. People from the Carpathian villages joined daily activities together with hosting visitors - coming to their place you can take part in tradition, culture or simply a rural life.

If you are searching for authenticity and want to get off the beaten tracks, a rural holidays in the mountains suit you perfectly. In a farmhouse you find hospitality of a highlander family and see how the everyday life the countryside looks like. You can participate in local traditions and even help with a farm work like feeding animals, picking fruits and vegetables, riding horses, learning about herbs or how a farm functions. It is an amazing experience for both children and adults. Very interesting may be also spending a night in a barn, bee yard or on a rancho.

During the farm stay you can taste local food and buy local products. Many of them like milk, breadstuff, vegetables or fruits come from farms own crops and animal husbandries. It is an interesting suggestion if you are leading a healthy lifestyle in harmony with nature. Dreams about a real rest in peaceful surroundings, simplicity, no hurry and closeness of the nature come true on countryside holidays.

Handicraft is still practiced in Carpathian Mountains. Visit local artists’ workshops – it is an occasion to see violin maker’s, blacksmith’s or regional outfit maker’s workshop. You can also take part in artistic workshops, experience a sleigh ride and bonfire or listen to a regional band.
Together with Andrzej we have visited many farm stays in southern Poland. In Polish they are called “agroturystyka”. At each farm we were welcomed warmly and people were very eager to show their places. During our visits we have a chance to meet great and people.

WARNING: Unfortunatelly many lodgings that you find in the internet calling themselves “farm stays” lack atmosphere, are situated in noisy area or have nothing to do with farming. The problem is also that very often the best places do not have websites in other languages but Polish what makes difficult for foreign visitors to find them.

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