Thursday, February 5, 2015

Tatry Ice Master - ice sculpturing championships

Every winter since 2013 a very interesting and spectacular competition takes place in the Tatras - the ice sculpturing championships called the TATRY ICE MASTER. Top artists from several countries of the world come to Slovakia to take part in the contest. During three days they have to complete the tasks - create ice sculptures in 3 different categories:

1. Bears
2. The country I come from
3. Abstract - free choice

That is amazing! You can watch the artist working, using different technics and tools, transforming ice blocks into fantastic shapes

The championship is accompanied by singers performances, daily contests, ice-shops and other amusements.

Everything takes place in the beautiful area of the High Tatras. There are splendid waterfalls 20 minutes walk from Hrebienok.

Directions: Hrebienok, The High Tatras, Slovakia. Take a funicular (or go on foot :) from Stary Smokovec to Hrebienok. On the way back you can enjoy 3 km long sledge track :)

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