Thursday, February 13, 2014

Nordic walking - a way to discover new places

I would like to share with you my way of discovering new places. It matches exploration with a healthy lifestyle and gives lot's of satisfaction. It is Nordic walking.

After work...
...I just take my walking poles, do a quick warm up and go exploring fields and forests in the neighbouring area. Podhale (the Tatra Mountains foothills) is a beautiful region - there are many options for a walk, most of them with a beautiful view of the Tatras. Sometimes my husband takes me for a walk and shows me new trails, then I take there other people. An hour every day - it is enough to keep fit.
                                                         Few hours - enough to explore the unknown
But there are also many intersting spots to see a bit further - distant parts of the Podhale region, Orava and Spis. All of them no more than half an hour by car from Zakopane. I look at the map, think up a destination, look for some fellows and go. We use field roads, hiking or cycling trails.

Mountain tours
Finally it is our way of visiting mountain ranges for the first time. Very often those are not very high mountains in Poland and Slovakia. Why not traditional hiking? Nordic walking is a kind of variety and facility. It brings also more benefits for health.

We take Nordic walking poles whenever we visit another part of the Carpathians. Nordic walking poles and proper technique - those are the only things you have to take with you. That is why it is so convinient ;)

Some people use Nordic walking for sightseeing. For example it is a good way of visiting Zakopane.

Think about it :) You can start Nordic walking in any time of the year, at any part of your life.

Nordic Walking Instructor

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