Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Carols Festival in Zakopane

Hanka Rybka and her band
Singing Christmas carols is a very popular tradition in Poland. There are many countrywide known carols that probably everyone can sing. But each region is also rich in its own songs. 

During 'Carols, Pastorales and Christmas Songs Festival' (PL: 'Festiwal Kolęd, Pastorałek i Pieśni Bożonarodzeniowych') wich takes place each year in Zakopane we can hear carols performed by local artists. This is a great chance to listen to traditional carols from different regions. The Festival starts in Christmas and lasts till February.

Concerts list for season 2013/2014 you will find here.

I went to the concert of Hanka Rybka (vocalist coming from the the Podhale region, graduated from the Academy of Music in Katowice, performing folk music in modern jazz arrangement) and her music band. They played local highlanders traditional carols and pastorales and popular Polish carols (some were in their own arrangements). In the second part of the concert the vocalist invited group of children - her pupils. This little choir performed few carols - some children had really beautiful voices!

Listen to carols: 

Other songs by Hanka Rybka:

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