Thursday, June 6, 2013

Inspirations from Lemko region

I came across an interesting music project - QUADRO SUSANNA. The band is a quartet of musicians making music inspired with Slavic motifs and themes. Some of the songs are Lemko songs performed ​​ in new arrangements.

A ty myla [LISTEN]. Lemko folks song about love that should not be shared.

Poliubyla ya Shtefana [LISTEN]. Traditional Lemko folk song.

Other songs:

Barvinietz [LISTEN].  It is Polish folk song from Dynow Plateau (Carpathians).
Oi na hori snih bilen'kyi [LISTEN]. Hutsul folk song in jazz arrangement.


Susanna Jara-Małecka – vocal, violin, hurdy gurdy
Szymon Piotrowski – drums
Paweł Harańczyk –  piano
Kacper Gęsiarz – double bass 

Band's official website:  You will find here more songs and information about the band.     

Enjoy :)

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