Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Polish mountains perfect for active people!

Maybe this short intro-like article should have been posted earlier? It gives a bit of idea of what to do in the Polish part of the Carpathians. Let’s see…

Poland is a lowland country. Mountains, located in the south, occupy only a few percent of its surface, but it is a very interesting and diverse area, perfect for an active tourism. A myth is that the active tourism means only doing sports – it is also exploration of the natural and cultural values ​​of the region.

Hiking in the Tatra Mountains, photo by Andrzej Śliwiński

The most popular activity in the mountains is hiking. In the Polish Carpathians we can find lots of well-marked paths, friendly shelters and unforgettable views. They are suitable for the day trips as well as multi-day trekking. Forested hills in the Beskidy, grassy mountain pasture in the Bieszczady or steep rocky peaks in the Tatras - at any time of the year Poland has a lot to offer tourists.

Mountain-biking, photo by Andrzej Śliwiński

Cycling has developed in the Polish mountains recently, but it has already gained a large group of fans. Cyclists mainly use hiking trails but also some cycling paths are prepared specially for them. Bike makes possible visiting things we won’t reach by car or on foot. Exercise will give us a lot of pleasure and satisfaction.

Climbing, photo by Andrzej Śliwiński

Other forms of active tourism in the mountains are also horse riding, kayaking, rock climbing and others. All these activities are complemented by learning the region - its natural and cultural heritage.

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